Friday, August 5, 2011

Update #5

Another update from Mr. link below.

Hello Everyone,
We have completed the last medical mission for the 2011 year.
It was another Very GOOD day,  we had a very large setup to work
with.  We got another visit from the local TV Station to do interviews. It broadcasted on the local nightly news in American Samoa. 

We saw about 350-400 people today.  A very Busy day!  Everything went very well the teams energy lasted.  A lot of us are fighting chest & head colds. I have a few praise reports from the prayer team for you. The first one, I have a video for you to link to. Its is about a man that could not walk on his foot because of a big broke bone or a bone spur or  boil or something. Nurse Lynn did the medical examination and said it was solid.  But after prayer, the foot’s tender spot that was stopping him from walking on it, went down and didn’t hurt anymore.

Enjoy the video: 

Praise Yee The LORD!
We will be traveling late Thursday night and then arriving in Hawaii and doing customs and resting in Hawaii some and then jumping on the planes to travel the rest of the way home.

Enjoy the video.

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