Friday, August 5, 2011

Update #5

Another update from Mr. link below.

Hello Everyone,
We have completed the last medical mission for the 2011 year.
It was another Very GOOD day,  we had a very large setup to work
with.  We got another visit from the local TV Station to do interviews. It broadcasted on the local nightly news in American Samoa. 

We saw about 350-400 people today.  A very Busy day!  Everything went very well the teams energy lasted.  A lot of us are fighting chest & head colds. I have a few praise reports from the prayer team for you. The first one, I have a video for you to link to. Its is about a man that could not walk on his foot because of a big broke bone or a bone spur or  boil or something. Nurse Lynn did the medical examination and said it was solid.  But after prayer, the foot’s tender spot that was stopping him from walking on it, went down and didn’t hurt anymore.

Enjoy the video: 

Praise Yee The LORD!
We will be traveling late Thursday night and then arriving in Hawaii and doing customs and resting in Hawaii some and then jumping on the planes to travel the rest of the way home.

Enjoy the video.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update #4

From Mr. Steve:

"Hello Everyone, (Our Prayer Warriors!)

We traveled from W.Samoa safely in the small planes, the luggage came in late.(all but 4, the team
is dealing well without out having a few luggage's.)  we are planning on getting them early tomorrow morning.

We went directly to the east side of the Island(Laulii), pastor pele wanted to do a prayer walk.
the village was about 1 mile long, and then at every house, pray for them.  so that's what we did.
enjoy the picture.  we also stopped at the houses and told them about the medical mission.

The next day, we had the medical mission (#4) and it started raining about 2am and was pouringdown, at breakfast, a few of us was praying for it to stop, (poor down your love, part the clouds and
show your goodness) - by 9am (startup of the mission) it stopped raining and the clouds started to
part and the sun was coming down on top of us.  later, the clouds totally cleared.
Please understand, they do not travel in the cars as we do, they travel by walking or
buy a truck that is converted into a bus.  Rain stops most movement.
with No Rain,  enjoy the bus picture.
about 11am Nurse Lynn came to me as asked, could she give / assign away our one wheel chair to
this mother who has been carrying her child around all the time.  the diagnosis was a bad birth and the
baby should have been done by C-section.  the young girl could not even hold her head up.
I agreed to give our one wheel chair to this mother.  I went to open it up with my pocket knife,
and it was a "CHILDS" wheelchair.  now, let me take you back in history somewhat.
pastor pele and i got 6 wheel chairs together and packed them up for the trip over here.
we told the shipping people to forwarded the medical supplies to W.Samoa "just send 4 to w.samoa and 2 for A.samoa"... THIS IS MY GOD!, us having 1 child wheel chair and it making it to the correct village for that little girl!
i've seen that happen time and time again.  but it just amazes me each time HE does.
we saw about 150-200 people."

Please pray for our final mission today - it will be a large village, and we want them to have soft hearts for Christ.  Also please pray for the team's health: I and some others are starting to get sick, and the whole team is getting worn down.

Thank you again for your interest in the mission! 

Prayer walk
Girl in need of wheelchair
Wheel chair God provided!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Update #3

Performing triage
Giving away one of the walkers
Hello again from Samoa!

I am thoroughly enjoying this opportunity to serve.  So far, I have given away three wheel chairs, about eight walkers, wrapped a dozen knees and about two dozen ankles, wrapped one shoulder, casted one boy's leg, and prescribed exercises for most of those and about half a dozen other cases.

Please continue to pray for health for our team members as folks are starting to get worn down.  Also, praise the Lord for something really awesome that happened!  A team member left her passport and other items in a taxi.  When we were finally able to reconnect with the driver to retrieve the lost items, we praised God and were able to tell the driver about Jesus...and he accepted Christ on the spot in the parking lot!

Thank you again for your prayers and for supporting this mission.  We have two villages left; the first three were in Western Samoa and these last two will be in American Samoa.  God is doing some incredible things here - thank you for being a part of His work!