Monday, August 1, 2011

Update #3

Performing triage
Giving away one of the walkers
Hello again from Samoa!

I am thoroughly enjoying this opportunity to serve.  So far, I have given away three wheel chairs, about eight walkers, wrapped a dozen knees and about two dozen ankles, wrapped one shoulder, casted one boy's leg, and prescribed exercises for most of those and about half a dozen other cases.

Please continue to pray for health for our team members as folks are starting to get worn down.  Also, praise the Lord for something really awesome that happened!  A team member left her passport and other items in a taxi.  When we were finally able to reconnect with the driver to retrieve the lost items, we praised God and were able to tell the driver about Jesus...and he accepted Christ on the spot in the parking lot!

Thank you again for your prayers and for supporting this mission.  We have two villages left; the first three were in Western Samoa and these last two will be in American Samoa.  God is doing some incredible things here - thank you for being a part of His work!

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